BUILDING UP // 18th August 2014

6-Lego Architecture Studio

Learn to become an architect thanks to the new concept by the legendary toy’s manufacturer LEGO. The latter has just released a new “Architecture Studio” pack including more than 1,200 bricks (73 different kinds) as well as a consistent user manual or rather an educational book. This time, there are no instructions to build a … Continue reading

BRICKSY // 16th June 2014


Award-winning photographer Jeff Friesen created a LEGO series, recreating Banksy’s most iconic artwork. The scenes are inspired by the famous street artist but with unexpected twists, revealing Friesen’s sense of humor. All images courtesy of Jeff Friesen

LIFE’S A GAME // 29th July 2013

Ninja Moped

Life IS a game or at least more than 13 million people think so. Swedish musicians became famous on the video channel thanks to their homage to the 80’s video games and pop culture. The animation is a clear reference to the consoles such as Atari, the original Nintendo NES, the classic Commodore 64 and … Continue reading

DOLL HOUSE // 26th April 2011


A child’s play. Well, maybe not any kid as the one that will be able to build these Lego houses surely has a bright future in Architecture. The Danish brand Lego has created for its thematical boxes on Architecture replicas of famous buildings. Anyone interested in iconic constructions – and at least twelve years old … Continue reading

ADULT TOY // February 11th 2011


This ain’t no toy for kids. Optio NB1000 point and shoot camera made by Pentax in collaboration with Japanese company Nanoblocks, has a convertible front panel covered with lego-like pieces. These blocks come in different sizes and can be fixed to the face of the camera, personalizing it with patterns and tridimensional variations. But those … Continue reading