SKIN MAPPING // 13th July 2015


Digital studio MADLAB has introduced a skin-centric design named Tactum. This augmenting modeling tool projects the form directly on the skin. The object mapped can also be 3D printed to be later worn. Tactum constitutes a new step towards intuitive technology. This technology has already been used for watchmaking and in particular for a smartwatch … Continue reading

PAC-MAN PACKAGING // 8th June 2015


Australian design student Craig Sutton created the packaging and a brochure inspired from the famous Eighties pop icon, Pac-Man. He re-interpreted the arcade game into a board game only made out of paper. It contains pieces representing Pac-Man as well as the five legendary ghosts, and it composed of four different mazes. The design perfectly … Continue reading

THE PLAY OF BRILLIANTS // 27th April 2015


“Light In Water” by DGT. Photo by Fubiz. In this International Year of Light supported by UNESCO, the new Éléphant Paname Gallery’s exhibition (Paris, France) explores one of the key concepts of lighting design, “The Play of Brilliants” imagined by Richard Kelly, the pioneering architectural lighting specialist. This exhibition at the Parisian center of art … Continue reading

SPLASH OF COLOURS // 28th July 2014

Floto+Warner 9

The creative duo Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto from Floto+Warner has produced magnificent high speed photographs of color splashes. The photographs of paint floating in mid-air forming weird shapes gives the impression of a sculpture. The shots were taken at extremely high speed, about a 3,200th of a second. The artists sought the harshest, most … Continue reading

DOUBLE AGENT SUITE // 15th April 2011


“Designed to simplify the workflow of a 21st executive.” No less. This is what London-based company Expand Design – the designer Ifeanyi Oganwu – wants to achieve with the furniture that he is presenting at SaloneSatellite 2011 during Milan Furniture Fair. An iteration of a traditional office chair and desk, Double Agent Suite is composed … Continue reading



Studio Nocc et Pool, Souviens toi Petite friture (small fry). Moustache. Superette. Specimen. Or Goodbye Edison. No puns here, just names chosen by French designers to make their creations stand out on the crowded scene of new objects exhibited these days at Milan Design Furniture Fair. Curated by Cédric Morisset, the Nouvelle vague exhibition at … Continue reading



Spanish artist and designer Maximo Riera has created a new throne. A throne for people ready to stand up for their choice and taste. Indeed, the Octopus Chair will let nobody indifferent: either you like its mad statuesque beauty or you hate its disturbing and viscous appearance. Part of a larger collection entitled Animal chairs, … Continue reading

THE BOAT THAT ROCKED // March 9th 2011


Modern look, classic DNA. Designed by Belgian-Dutch duo Studio Job, the new Firmship 42 stays true to nautical traditions but with a contemporary aesthetic. Common to the fifties and sixties, the Firmship has been reinterpreted from head to toe. Its exterior is due to nautical architect Willem Nieland, when the deck, the interior and colouring … Continue reading

HOT STUFF // February 9th 2011

29-packaging-food (27)

Born in the UK, Mr Singh’s Bangras are the new sensation in the world of … sausages. “But they doesn’t taste at all like your regular chipolatas, say the most convinced supporters on the Internet. Imagine the perfect marriage between two British passions: Indian food and sausages. Those spicy hybrids make West meets East in … Continue reading