HIDDING IN THE MOUNTAINS // 22nd December 2014

Antoine-by-Bureau A

Paying tribute to the Swiss Alps and Swiss tradition, Antoine is a project led by Swiss studio Bureau A and commissioned by the Verbier’s 3d Foundation. “Antoine” is a wooden cabin hidden inside an artificial rock which was later transported to the mountains. The project was named after one of Switzerland greatest writers Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz … Continue reading

BUILDING UP // 18th August 2014

6-Lego Architecture Studio

Learn to become an architect thanks to the new concept by the legendary toy’s manufacturer LEGO. The latter has just released a new “Architecture Studio” pack including more than 1,200 bricks (73 different kinds) as well as a consistent user manual or rather an educational book. This time, there are no instructions to build a … Continue reading

BODY, THE NEW MEASURE // 13th May 2011


Back in 1999, Willi Dorner founded in Vienna (Austria) Cie. Willi Dorner, a company connecting the body with sciences, architecture and design. Bodies in urban spaces is a temporarily intervention taking place in diversified urban architectonical environment and where the dancers use their own body to point out the urban functional structure, the restrictions implied … Continue reading

FINGERS OF STEEL // 29th March 2011


It seems that architects sometimes get bored at thinking big. And some of them try to adapt their ideas for very small properties: furniture, plates, mugs, forks, but also rings, necklaces and earrings… The brand SUUM has become an expert in the art of building jewels. It creates wearable architectures for fingers, neck and ears. … Continue reading