EXBIOTA // August 11th 2014




Japanese artist Azuma Makoto collaborated with JP Aerospace to send into the stratosphere a 50 years old Bonzai as well as a sculptural floral bouquet composed from several dozen types of flowers from around the globe. The plant and flowers were sent from the black rock desert in Nevada using an helium balloon and a carbon-fiber frame.

The idea was to observe the life and death of plants outside of Earth and the soil where they come from. The result is amazing colorful pictures contrasting with the darkness of Space.

“Plants on the earth rooted in the soil, under the command of gravity. Roots, soil and gravity – by giving up the links to life, what kind of “beauty” shall be born? Within the harsh “nature”, at an attitude of 30,000 meters and minus 50 degrees Celsius, the plants evolve into EXBIOTA (extraterrestrial life). A pine tree confronting the ridge line of the Earth. A bouquet of flowers marching towards the sun hit by the intense wind. Freed from everything, the plants shall head to the space.”







All images courtesy of Azuma Makoto

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