SPLASH OF COLOURS // 28th July 2014

The creative duo Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto from Floto+Warner has produced magnificent high speed photographs of color splashes. The photographs of paint floating in mid-air forming weird shapes gives the impression of a sculpture.

The shots were taken at extremely high speed, about a 3,200th of a second. The artists sought the harshest, most direct sunlight to ensure the flying fluids stand out boldly. The color was achieved using off-the-shelf, water-based agents.

The married artists with their series “Colorant” were able to express their passion for sculpture and landscape combining the two in the photographs.

Floto+Warner 1

Floto+Warner 2

Floto+Warner 3

Floto+Warner 5

Floto+Warner 11

Floto+Warner 8

all pictures by floto+warner

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