DIGITAL WAR // 31st March 2014


Star Wars has officially open its Instagram account @starwars, publishing exclusive behind-the-scene pictures.

AUGMENTED REALITY // 24th March 2014


  Gaming will never be the same…

GRAVITY // 17th March 2014


In order to celebrate the success of the movie Gravity, the NASA has released incredible pictures of space and astronauts’ daily life at 418 km away from Earth.

BELIEF // 10th March 2014


Back in September a start-up only wished to create a real flying hoverboard. It seems that this dream has come true… or has it?

AUTARKY // 3rd March 2014


This spectacular house is Villa Kogelhof by Paul de Ruiter Architects in the Netherlands. One of the main principles of Villa Kogelhof was to translate luxury into the happiness of independence. The goal for the villa was to be self-sufficient; to generate its own energy, to heat its own water and to recycle the garbage. … Continue reading