RAW DATA // 28th October 2013


“Raw Data” is part of a series of hand-drawn animations with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee by Boston Artist Jake Fried who has been an Educator at The Museum of Fine Arts since 2007. Inkwood.net

IN THE SUBURBS // 21st October 2013


Ian Strange’s fascination for suburbia has led him to developed his latest multifaceted project “Suburban”. Known as Kid Zoom, Strange’s first project revolving around houses started in 2011 when he built a full-scale replica of his childhood home inside Cockatoo Island’s Turbine Hall in Sydney. Experiencing the suburban life in his native Australia, Strange later … Continue reading

REAL-LIFE PIXELS // 14th October 2013

Real-life Pixels

Aled Lewis, a London based designer and illustrator, takes his inspiration from comics, film and television. As a life-long gamer, he was always imagined what it would be to completely immersed in a pixel environment as if it was real. He thus created a photography series that integrates classic video game characters, from Mario Kart … Continue reading

BLOWING-UP // 7th October 2013

Nuclear Bomb

Obsessed with coding, Tel-Aviv artist Eyal Gever developed simulations showing the impact of explosions on a screen. Drawing on his years as a software developer and his military experience, Gever’s 3D simulations capture the terror and breathtaking moments of a disaster event in video and sculpture, using a 3D printer. In his pieces known simply … Continue reading