I ROBOT // 11th February 2013

robot-restaurant-0[6]It happens in downtown Harbin, China. A restaurant hires 20 robots to cook, serve and entertain the guests. Opened in June 2012, the venue has become a place to be in Heilongjiang province’s capital.

The experience starts when you enter the place, as a usher robot welcomes you by extending its arm to the side and says out loud: “Earth person hello. Welcome to the Robot Restaurant”. Guests can then place their order, each one of them is relayed to one of the four robot chefs which are mastering the art of making various styles of dumplings and noodles.
When the meal is ready, a robot waiter comes in. It runs along tracks on the floor and brings the orders to the table.

To add to the entertainment, a robot sings for the diners. Between four and five feet tall, the robots have ten different facial expressions. When charged during two hours, their battery provide enough power reserve for a continuous five hours shift. Each robot costs between 31,500 dollars and 47,000 dollars with an additional 790,000 dollars invested into the restaurant itself. robot-restaurant-1[2]robot-restaurant-2[2]robot-restaurant-3[2]robot-restaurant-4[6]robot-restaurant-5[6]A 'waiter' robot holds an empty tray after serving meals to the customersHuman waiters assist the robots in loading the trays of foodRobot delivers French fries to customers at a Robot Restaurant in Harbin

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