BREADCRUMBS // 4th February 2013

sookoon_ang02v2-1Your Love is Like a Chunk of Gold is the title of a series of bread loaves with crystallized growths created by Singaporean Sookoon Ang. Strange, isn’t it? Presented at Art Stage Singapore 2013 by Fost Gallery, the artist’s work explores the idea of comfort and pain, as well as beauty VS ugliness in Art, Love and Life in general. This exploration is achieved by replacing mold with the crystal growth caused by monoammonium phosphate. The food he used is so common place and overlooked that in taking it as the basis of his work, the artist forces us to look at every day objects with a new eye, an attentive and highly emotional one. Something well known – the bread – turned into something never seen before – with the little help of crystal growth – brings to the table the feeling of strangeness that often comes with the aesthetical thrills of Contemporary Art.sookoon_ang03v2sookoon_ang06v2sookoon_ang01v2sookoon_ang04v2

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