MOON PHASES // 7th January 2013

themoonwoodcut_770proofPaul Roden and Valerie Lueth are husband and wife plus a team of artists working together. The thing they master in is the creation of woodcut prints and illustrations. Named Tugboat Printshop, their our collaborative projects in printmaking has seen the births of so many magnificent woodcut prints.

Handmade excellence is what gives to their designs the special aura that so many people are looking for. “From start to finish, every aspect of the creation of our woodcut prints is done 100% by hand, the pair explains on their website. We draw our original images directly onto blocks of plywood and carve the drawings out in low relief using hand tools.”

About the process itself: “After the carved block is rolled with ink, archival paper is placed on top. The paper and block are sent through the press. The heavy, even pressure prints the ink from the block onto the paper. Generally, there is a block for every color in our woodcuts. Blocks are printed individually, layering impressions to create the finished image.”

Among the many beautiful prints they sell on line, here’s The Moon. Self-explanatory.themoon_labels770pxthemoon_woodcut_carving02_bthemoon_woodcut_carving04_b

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