AND THE NOMINEES ARE // 27th September 2012


Each year in August people crawl to the desert of California to join the Burning Man party. In the middle of nowhere and under a hot, hot, hot sun (45 degrees Celsius is a minimum), new age hippies hang out in very strange outfits and some self-designed vehicles. But that is not all. Visitors also … Continue reading

OUTTA SPACE // 25th September 2012


For the past decade and a half, Vincent Fournier – a Brussels-based photographer – has visited government bases and training grounds. Inspired by sci-fi and utopian visions, Fournier’s photos—of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, and the Atacama Desert Observatories in Chile erase the line between reality and … Continue reading

BOY IN THE WOOD // 20th September 2012


Artist Varnai Gyula has created an installation called Dead Wood. To do ti, she used wood logs – and a strong amount of patience and precision – to create an unique sculpture. Varnai Gyula lives and works in Dunaújváros. The artist is considered as one of the most significant of the Hungarian contemporary art scene. … Continue reading

TWO THUMBS UP // 18th September 2012


Kate, 1940 American painter and photographer Chuck Close (born July 5, 1940) has achieved fame through his massive-scale and photorealist portraits. In 1988, a spinal artery collapse left him severely paralyzed but he has continued to paint and produce works. The artist has endeavored to expand contemporary portraiture through varied drawing and painting techniques as … Continue reading

UP // 13th September 2012

Remember the Pixar animation movie Up? Well, French photographer Laurent Chehere seems to get his inspiration from the old man flying house of the film. He photographs houses and literally makes them fly the only difference is that he doesn’t use balloons to do so. Sporting washing lines, window flowers and even one burning building, … Continue reading

450 THOUSANDS STAPLES // 11th September 2012


Many of you, dear readers, might associate the staples, the tiny invention that keep sheets together, with a long day at work. French artist Baptiste Debombourg has maybehe turned the boring into something amazing. Using staples just as another material, he has created a stunningly mural at the Karlin Studio in Prague. As a tribute … Continue reading

BONY STRUCTURE // 6th September 2012


Latvian artist Alex Konahin uses ink, pen, and paper to make great art. Meticulously detailed, his drawings are may not have color but they do possess depth and symmetry. One of his works, a beautifully rendered skull, is commissioned by a clothing company called Heretics. He took him two weeks to complete the drawing of … Continue reading

LAST ONE STANDING // 4th September 2012


Artist Joe Black from London produced this striking image by using more than 5500 toy soldiers. The portrait is of a Chinese soldier boy taken by photographer Robert Capa, an image used on the cover of LIFE magazine, January 1938. The toy soldiers are manufactured in China, hence the title “Made in China”. Born in … Continue reading