TURNTABLE RIDER // 30th May 2012


How great would it be to be able to ride a bike and at the same time make music. Well, this dream has now come true. Turntable Rider is an add-on kit that converts bicycles into a DJ-ing console. Designed for Cogoo Bike Sharing Company, the prototype was created by interaction artist Toshiyuki Sugai. His … Continue reading

SKY LADDER // 28th May 2012


The Moca – museum of contemporary art in los angeles – has opened a few weeks ago the first west coast solo exhibition of new york-based artist Cai Guo-Qiang. For his exhibition, the artist – who is well known for his many explosions installation – has imagined a new one he calls Sky Ladder. This … Continue reading

ARMY OF LUCK // 25th May 2012


Designed by German media artist Boris Petrovsky, the installation entitled The global pursuit of happiness or the army of luck is made of 520 Japanese Lucky Cats or Money Cats. Those talismans are used in Asian countries to bring luck and prosperity, and also purchased as souvenirs by many Western tourists. Each one of this … Continue reading

SMOKE SIGNS // 23rd May 2012


Spanish photographer Lola Guerrera went to the desert of Mexico and created series she called Nebula Humilis. The artist notes that the excessive exploitation of natural resources in this particular region results from a world-wide encouraged materialism. She goes on explaining that new interaction with the desert has recently overridden the Mexican people’s spiritual conception … Continue reading

FULL COLOR // 21st May 2012


British graphic designer David Marsh has been playing with swatch graphics in adobe illustrator. The artworks he created while doing that in as few colors and shades as possible are revealing an easily discernible famous image. Among the popular icons: album art from the 1960’s to the present day. “The purpose of this series is … Continue reading

UFO // 18th May 2012


In Melbourne, Australia Andrew Maynard Architects have built a very special cottage, the Hill House. The construction is an attempt to bring light into the original house. The site where it stands is orientated north therefore relegating the backyard, the family’s primary outdoor space, to shadow throughout the year. Then, in the 90s a two … Continue reading

PIXEL ART // 16th May 2012


“In my building process, I start with a full sheet of material like plywood or MDF and cut it into 1/2″ strips of varying lengths–typically 1/2″ to 2′ long. I then hand dye each strip of wood individually with dyes mixed from ink and acrylic paint. I mix each color by hand to create a … Continue reading

TO THE MOON AND BACK // 14th May 2012


Under the self-titled Matthias Schaller stands a book, a retrospective of Schaller’s photography works. Presenting all the series he made for the last ten years – such as Studio Gursky (2000, about Andreas Gursky’s Düsseldorf studio); Die Mühle (2001-02, picturing the studio-home of Bernd and Hilla Becher), and Controfacciata (2008, interiors of Venetian palaces). And … Continue reading

RACHEL DENNY // 11th May 2012


Rachel Denny‘s work explores the beauty of natural world and the imprint of humans on its flora and fauna. In a variety of media, the artist takes her inspiration from the elegant forms of mother nature. I love working in a variety of materials and have always collected interesting odds and ends for future studio … Continue reading

SWEET TOOTH // 9th May 2012


In recent years, experimental chocolate makers have been inventing tastes and browns bars. One of the newcomers is Brooklyn-based Liddabit Sweets, a confectionary aiming to modernize the classic bar with a very special touch. Among their experiments, the “Beer & Pretzel” variety that was quite special and now their impressive signature “Snack’r” candy bar. Founders … Continue reading