MOVING IMAGES // 30th April 2012


The good old times… When you would take your car, a racy one fifties style, drive down the hills and park it in a drive-in movie theater. But the good old times are maybe not that far away… Located in the Nai Pi Lae lagoon off of Thailand’s Kudu Island, a remake of a classic … Continue reading

DINNER ETIQUETTE // 27th April 2012


Sonia Rentsch, an art director from Australia, has manners. And when it comes to dinner, she really sticks to the etiquette. In Dinner etiquette, one of her many and talented projects, she has taken prop styling to new levels of still-life superiority. Every tool, every plate and every item have been arranged with taste to … Continue reading

FLOW OF WORDS // 25th April 2012


Some people read books, other shape new forms with them. And such is Spanish artist Alicia Martin. With more than 5000 publications, she has created a sculpture in Madrid, a cascade of books streaming from the Casa de America. A sculpture that “gives life to previously inanimate objects”, she says. And as a matter of … Continue reading

WOMANIZER // 23rd April 2012


Yeah, I know, flip-flops aren’t really advised in term of style. But those ones, they’re like no others. First, Riccardo Tisci designed them. You got it right: it’s the men behind Givenchy brand. And not only did Tisci imagine them, but the way he explains his idea is worth sharing (and is even worth wearing … Continue reading

UNITED // 20th April 2012


The book isn’t new, but still the appeal of it is always refreshing. It presents a portrait of the United Nations Building, a building completed in 1952 along New York’s East River, a symbol of world humanitarianism and unity after the Second World War. More than fifthy years from then, the 39-story house is still … Continue reading

I ♥ OPEN SPACE // 18th April 2012


Belgian designer Alain Gilles has found a way to have some privacy in open space. What he conceived is a private cocoon that one can take refuge in, or rather behind when working. Called BuzziCockpit – member of the Buzzispace family – the piece of furniture is, as the designer puts it, “a tool for … Continue reading

BAR HUT // 16th April 2012


Vietnamese designers and architects Vo Trong Nghia mixed natural materials like bamboo with contemporary design practices. The result: the wNw Bar in Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong, Vietnam. Culturally relevant, visually striking, the bamboo structure also employs environmental functions, drawing cool air from the surrounding water up through a hole in the roof of … Continue reading

LAYERS OF THOUGHTS // 13th April 2012


Photoshop is not a gadget tool to transform natural colors into parrot-like shades or to make skinny girls look acceptable. Need a striking example to convince you? Take Lucas Simões. Based in São Paulo, the Brazilian artist creates gifted multiple layers photography. Very simple, his process is efficient. First, he invites intimate friends over,. While … Continue reading

WYSINWYG // 11th April 2012


Seattle photographer Chris Engman could be define as a contemplative illusionist. Taking desert wastes and urban neighborhoods as stage, he turns ordinary objects – crates, barrels or ladders – into impressive pictures. Images depicting powerful monuments that the artist created by playing with light, shadow and symmetry, and with the help of planks, ropes and … Continue reading

ENJOY THE SILENCE // 9th April 2012


Lucie & Simon are two artists working together from Paris, their home base. Among many works, the one called Silent World received much acclaim when it was awarded by the Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation prize and then a Grant from the CICRP center Marseille, European Year of Culture 2013. The main idea of it was to … Continue reading