HOLLY ANDRES // 29th February 2012

This is Holly Andres second exhibition at Robert Mann Gallery. In 2008, she showed there the serie Sparrow Lane which met an outstanding success. This new series is called The Fall of Spring Hill. The artist’s trademark- chromatic brilliance, large-scale photographs delve into dramatic narratives – it’s all there. Looking back at her childhood, Andres has dived for this work through a double process of identification. First she told all her memories to the children on the pictures, plus to the young mothers and women who stands now for her own peer group.

Andres work sets in a summer church camp. Children play on an old wooden structure, mothers preparing food in the background. And then it happens something unwaited…The spaces are symbolically charged and everyday words hide deep multiple meanings. What you see isn’t what you think you would get at first grasp. In this new serie, Andres adopts the formal language of cinema, directing parallel narratives that converge.

Andres main concern is to advance a narrative through formal strategies and via still images and various levels of signification. The artist’s eye for detail is still very strong, props and costumes are all relevent, a shattered coffee cup and a luminous bowl of red punch aren’t as innocent as they seemed at the very beginning.

On view until the 10th of March 2012
Robert Mann Gallery
210 Eleventh Avenue
10001 New York, NY

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