PURE WHITE SAND // 3rd February 2012

They almost look like true ones ! Artificial beaches are now stretching all over the world, from Monaco to Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin, Rotterdam, Toronto and so many other places. But the biggest sandy strip ever created by the hand of man is to be seen in Miyazaki, Japan.

Part of the Sheration Seagaia Resort, the Seagaia Ocean Dome measures 300 meters in length and 100 meters in width. It includes a fake flame-spitting volcano, artificial sand, artificial palm trees and the world’s largest retractable roof – this one is true -, providing a permanent blue sky, comes rain or comes shine. Air temperature is held at 30 degrees Celsius, water at 28. The volcano attraction comes to life – or almost – every 15 minutes, spewing fire every hour. A Surfer’s delight as incredible waves will hit shore simultaneously.

It opened in 1993 with a beach capacity of around 10,000 tourists. Visitor numbers peaked in 1995 with an amount of 1.25 million a year. And for those who are unlucky and can’t find a place to set their towel down, there’s a real beach only 300 meters away…

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