HOLLY ANDRES // 29th February 2012


This is Holly Andres second exhibition at Robert Mann Gallery. In 2008, she showed there the serie Sparrow Lane which met an outstanding success. This new series is called The Fall of Spring Hill. The artist’s trademark- chromatic brilliance, large-scale photographs delve into dramatic narratives – it’s all there. Looking back at her childhood, Andres … Continue reading

YINKA SHONIBARE MBE // 27th February 2012


In his multi‐part exhibition at James Cohan Gallery in New York, British‐born Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare MBE explore the concept of destiny as it relates to themes of desire, yearning, love, power and sexual repression. His show is made of new sculptures, photoworks and also stars the premiere of a film. Famous for his multi-faceted … Continue reading

BLACK AND WHITE // 24th February 2012


Jacob Sutton’s L.E.D. Surfer on Nowness.com. Jacob Sutton is a fashion photographer and film director. He has worked for many brands such as Hermes, Y-3 or Burberry. Also an expert at shooting movies with attitude, he left his studio, drove with Artex pro snowboarder William Hughes to the mountains and made this sequence of breathtaking … Continue reading

REST IN PEACE // 22nd February 2012


The BugHouse Future Fossils series are life-sized decorative editions of technological devices made out of cement casting. And it is a refreshing way to address the quick evolution of all these super electronic machines around us. You will always grow old and have to welcome newcomers, even if you were the most innovative item on … Continue reading

CARTOON NETWORK // 20th February 2012


Sculptor and photographer Terry Border gives life to everything from peanuts to pill bottles. He designs his cleverly cartoonish scenes using some well-placed wire, creative lighting and a provocative sense of visual puns. “I don’t mean for everything to be funny,” says Border to magazine Wired. “We all have different perspectives and my perspective happens … Continue reading

SAME BUT DIFFERENT // 17th February 2012


What if instead for remaking classic films with new actors and modern storyline, it would go the other way? What if contemporary movies were thrown back the fifties and being remade at that time? You would get the star of that era, but above all the vintage look and the passed feel. Peter Stults is … Continue reading

GLASSBLOW // 15th February 2012


The first time Shayna Leib saw glassblowing, she was only seven years oldand it was at a local university. The experience changed her life forever. A few years later, while completing her Bachelor of Art degree in Philosophy at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Shayna – who also studied literature, glass, and … Continue reading

ALL FOUR SEING EYES // 13th February 2012


Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, a family and their dog spend their weekend away from home in a very special place: the Four Eyes House. Designed by Edward Ogosta Architecture studio and located in the middle of the desert Coachella Valley, California, this building is part of an exercise in site-specific experiential programming. The … Continue reading

ANATOMY PAPER // 10th February 2012


©John Polak Lisa Nilsson has made hers a very special kind of landscape: she depicts the internal shapes and colors of the human body. Her works are cross sections of anatomy made of Japanese mulberry paper and gilded edges of old books. Her works renders the densely squished and lovely internal patterns of the human … Continue reading

MONKEY LOVE // 8th February 2012


“Volley is a love story, a beautiful and painfully honest one, explains artist Monica Cook who is actually showing her animation Volley and others sculptures at Postmasters gallery in New York. Its protagonists are candy-colored primates who dwell in otherworldly crystal caves. This environment, and the bodies of its inhabitants, are colored, adorned, and vivified … Continue reading