CRAFTY SAVVY // 28th November 2011

You think crochet was only good for old grannies and pregnant women? How wrong you are! In the last few years, there’s a big trend going on with crochet, a return of hype for the art of the needle and for all things crafty in general.

In fact, crochet is so hype right now that a new science was born: crochetdermy.
Please meet Shauna Richardson, the artist who invented and coined the term and discipline. The UK based creative has a background in conceptual art. The body of work she calls Crochetdermy is her investigation into the theory that “Anything can be art“.

She sculpts life-size animal – taxidermy-like mammals – using crochet. Richardson’s work has received much critical acclaim, worldwide media coverage and has been sold to collectors across the globe.

In 2009, the artist was the recipient of the Artists taking the lead award of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad with the Lionheart Project. She is exhibiting a life-size brown bear at the V&A Museum in London during the show entitled The Power of Making. On view until January the second 2012.

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