WALLPAINTING // 7th September 2011


On the 9th of November, Germany and the rest of the world will celebrate the 22 anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. A few artists – among them: Nunca, Miss Van and McBess – were recently offered a piece of history to express themselves. They were given remnants of the Berlin Wall to … Continue reading

MAN ON THE MOON // 5th September 2011

Orbital Technologies – a Russian company – wants to build the world’s first hotel in space. The idea they have in mind: a commercial alternative to the International Space Station. Officially called Commercial Space Station, the hotel will orbit at a some 350 kilometers above earth. With the most incredible views, four gravity free space … Continue reading

UNDER AND OVER // 2nd September 2011

Last week in Saint Blaise, Switzerland, owners of more than 50 amphibious vehicles brought their very special transporters, jeeps and vintage-style cars by the lake Neuchatel to prove that their both-ways cars were still smoking. Decorated with sun umbrellas and flags, the crew of vehicles drove off the port, smoothly gliding into the water. Among … Continue reading