DELIGHTFULLY DISGUSTING // 19th September 2011

Repulsive and then immediately beautiful. Those two adjectives perfectly define Chen Chen’s products. Based in New York, the product designer diverts simple stuff, such as Budweiser cans or big rope to produce doubles of well known objects and things. Everything is clean, most of the time made in plastic but even though it all looks a bit weird. Weird and so special at the same time.

“Cold Cuts” Coasters, 2011
Various materials made into log form, unique cross sections. Collaborative project with Kai Tsien-Williams (Epoxy, rope, bone, fishnet, resin, wood). Available for retail at Phillips de Pury and The Future Perfect.

“American Ninja” Nun Chucks, 2011
Cement filled Budweiser nun chucks. Collaborative project with Kai Tsien-Williams. Available for retail at Oh Wow Book Club.

“Swell” Vase, 2011
netted fabric; polyurethane expanding foam; glass; rubber; nylon rope. Available for retail at Moss.

This vase shows interaction between two materials. To create this vase, the artists – Chen Chen and Kai Tsen Williams – wrap a netted fabric bag around a glass vessel and inject expanding polyurethane foam into it. The foam tries to expand while the net tries to contain it. The tension created by the two actions gives the final form.

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