ARTIST’S ISLAND // 9th September 2011

There’s a small island in Greece that acts as a floating retreat in the sun for artists, collectors, curators and all the art-world habitués. The name of this gem? Hydra. Spotted there, at the beginning of this summer: artists Brice Marden and Maurizio Cattelan, actress and art contemporary muse Chloë Sevigny. “Not to mention countless art collectors and curators”, said the very NYTimes. The reason why all this “beau monde” was meeting in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea: the opening party of the Slaughterhouse, the Greek Cypriot billionaire and collector space owned by Dakis Joannou.

Only 45 miles from Athens, Hydra is very easy to reach, encouraging many tourists to choose the island as their favorite destination. Even tough, the island has become a stronghold of contemporary art, populated by several world-class contemporary art spaces (the Hydra School Projects or the Hydra Workshop to name only two of the many venues).

The buzz about Hydra and contemporary art has been on for the last few years, attracting many of the same visitors who go to Art Basel and biennales. An appeal reinforced “by the large number of generous collectors who have homes on the island, sponsor artist residencies and give lavish parties” explains NYTimes.

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