HANDS ON // 17th August 2011


Once upon a time, there was this obsolete device that enabled to project pictures on the wall via slides. The light that the object was diffusing between images was the perfect support for hand shadows shows. And everyone was at it, trying to make the dog barks or the swan glides on an imaginary lake. … Continue reading

SNAKE GAME // 16th August 2011


I’m not sure everybody is ready to enjoy this new spa treat… In Israel, Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm – a health and beauty spa – is offering a new massage to its customers. But instead of warm hands running and palpating the happy few backs and limbs, the innovative service is provided by… snakes! … Continue reading

MY LITTLE MERMAID // 15th August 2011


Sometimes, when people wants to caught anyone’s attention, it needs to be said loud.. or big in that particular case. British Soap & Glory was looking for a way to promote their bathing product. In order to be heard loud and clear by the widest amount of consumers possible, the beauty brand installed a giant … Continue reading

ZON ITO // 12th August 2011


“I am going to exhibit a continuing series of work, “Shiritori-okimono” (wordplay-objects), once I made in 1999 alongside recent pencil drawings, which is a new development within my practice”, explains artist Zon Ito regarding his exhibition Taka Ishii Gallery in Tokyo. The Shiritori is a Japanese word game where the players exchange words that begin … Continue reading

THE OTHER WAY ROUND // 11th August 2011


Good designers and good artists always seem to have their very own vision of the world they live in. As if they could write poetry and design dream out from anything. Finnish designer Martina Carpelan is one of these free thinkers and creatives. The products she conceives are talking directly to the memories and the … Continue reading

INTO THE GREEN // 10th August 2011


Algae, everywhere, on the beach and in the water. What a nightmare! In the Yellow Sea, a huge blanket of seaweed measuring 410-square-km is approaching Qingdao, in China. Though not toxic, the algae consumes large quantities of oxygen what ravages the ecosystem by suffocating other marine life. And requires the help of numerous people to … Continue reading

THE ULTIMATE MUSCLE CAR // 9th August 2011


Mad Max fans are waiting impatiently 2012 and the release of Fury Road, the new version of the Australian blockbuster. Remember the steampunk and eighties-something movie starring Mel Gibson and Tina Turner? Well, it will be back. But not with the both stars just mentioned. Instead of them, the flicker will star English Actor Tom … Continue reading

FROM ABOVE // 8th August 2011


Europe Did you ever wonder how would look the different social networking activities from up above? Not only did Eric Fischer wonder but he also created a map that reveals the emanations of people interacting on Twitter and Flickr. And here’s what he gets by combining data from geotagged pictures from Flickr (the red dots) … Continue reading

PLAY THE BALL // 5th August 2011


Inges Idee – a collective of four artists (Axel Lieber, Hans Hemmert, Thomas A. Schmidt and Georg Zey) based in Berlin – works in group since 1992 but also individually as solo artist. The pieces they created together have strongly contributed to the development of contemporary art in Berlin since the fall of the Berlin … Continue reading

WONDERS OF NATURE // 4th August 2011


We could’nt help but post this one. Sorry for the learning taxidermists, the animal lovers and even the animals themselves. But after all, we laugh at photoshop mistakes, plastic surgery fails so why not at badly stuffed animals? Since a Danish Facebook user opened Dårligt udstoppede dyr (Badly stuffed animals), the group is growing in … Continue reading