BEST MEAT // 26th August 2011

Even though its supremacy has been attacked by many competitors and haters – remember the movie Supersize me – the burger, that simple piece of meat between two buns, is trendier than ever. You can tell by the many variations around it – the luxury edition with truffle, the many national versions with emmental cheese in Switzerland of provolone in Italy -, the growing number of venues dedicated to it that opens in the States but also in so many countries well dotted when you talk about food.

Another sign of the burger trend that’s going on since a few years and that still is stronger than ever is the Burgermat art show that took place during one night only last June in London. To pay hommage to the beloved more-than-just-a-sandwich, the festival gathered graphic designers, artists, food critics and chefs taking their inspiration from the beefy treat to talk, share and eat the one and only three layers delicatessen.

The event was made possible by two men Daniel Young – creator of burger meet-up events BurgerMonday and – and blogger Burgerac. Driven by their mutual obsession, they joined forces for the first ever Burgermat art show and pop-up dinner.

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