O HOUSE // 24th August 2011

This is a Swiss house designed by Swiss architects and built on the bank of Swiss lake Vierwaldstättersee. This house looks a bit – from one side – like a Swiss cheese, an Emmental cheese. The one with repetive holes, so graphical, so iconic.

Called the O House, the building was designed by architects Philippe Stuebi and Eberhard Tröger. The most sculptural element of the villa are the facades, on both the front and the lake side, very expressive and ornamental.

These white concrete elements facing mount Pilatus give to the whole construction its very special and cheesy effect as the facades are dotted with roundshape openings. Through those dots, viewers can have a glimpse into the two storey orangery, its exotic plants, lounge, guest tract and staircase going from ground floor and reaching the top of the villa.

On the lake side, from the protruding, glistering loggia made of round glass bricks the O House – meant for the “ah ah effect”? – offers tremendous mountain views on the Rigi and the Bürgenstock.
Nestled along the slope, the basement consists of a large fitness area with a half inside/ half outside 25 meter pool that stretches into a white terrazzo plate, which extends from the pool bar located inside along the boathouse made of white tinted, rough jetted concrete into lake Lucerne.

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