SCULPTURAL SOUND // 19th August 2011

Elise Morin and Clémence Eliard, the first an art director and the second an architect, have decided to make art with one obsolete and ordinary object, the Compact Disc. Exhibited in an old funeral director, they entitled their sculpture Waste Landscape.

Instead of considering the discs as out of date, the two French girls used them for their suppleness, their brightness and malleability. In order to collect as many CDs as possible, they first turned to their relatives to get the precious material. And they realized that even though the medium was out of fashion, people were still very attached to them : they just didn’t want to get rid of the CDs !

So the artists decided to go to Universal Music to get around 60’000 unsold discs and then they opened them one by one to take out the precious silver sphere. After what they disposed the discs on plastic tarpaulins mounted on an inflation system. The work of art now stretches on 600 m2. The lightening of the CDs and the way they adopt the curves of the tarpaulin provide an astonishing effect. “A stupid glorification of consumption landscape”, as the girls explain. Quite a good definition as each CD contains 16 grams of oil and the whole sculpture is made of 60’000 discs…

on view through September the 11th
5 rue Curial
Paris / France

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