STROBE EFFECT // 18th August 2011

Japanese/American creative lab Party – Naoki Ito, Masashi Kawamura, Morihiro Harano, Qanta Shimizu, and Hiroki Nakamura – has struck again. After having created some of the most interesting music-driven videos of the last few years – Hibi no neiro, Nike Music Shoe, NTT DoCoMo Xylophone – the collective just released their last work for Bright Siren, the new track from Japanese rock band Androp.

At first sight, there’s nothing really special to it : a band is playing against a wall of lights going on and off. But once you look closer into the design of the wall, you will slowly but surely start to realize how clever and ingenious the whole thing is. The collective used 250 Canon still cameras, each of them being controlled via a powerful combination of arduino, openFrameworks and Flash programming. You got it : the light animated wall is produced without CGI at all.

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