LIFE AQUATIC // 31st August 2011


Zaha Hadid is a one of the stars shining in Architecture heaven. To say the least, the grand opening of the Aquatics Centre she conceived for the London 2012 Summer Olympics was long awaited. The super swimming pool is now complete and ready to receive up to 17,500 people at a time. Made for for … Continue reading

PICASSO IN MIND // 30th August 2011


Architects Durbach Block Jaggers said that a Picasso painting inspired them this cliff house near Sydney. Well, we can take the information but Picasso is not the first thing we think about when looking at those images…. It’s a dream house! The kitchen and living room with their curved forms project over the sea… And … Continue reading

PETER DOIG // 29th August 2011


Scottish artist Peter Doig is known for melancholy and dreamlike landscapes that led him over the years to become one of the most internationally-celebrated painters of his generation. Thus despite the fact that his subjects seem very ordinary and that he chose as his medium figurative painting. Publisher Rizzoli is offering a new monograph of … Continue reading

BEST MEAT // 26th August 2011


Even though its supremacy has been attacked by many competitors and haters – remember the movie Supersize me – the burger, that simple piece of meat between two buns, is trendier than ever. You can tell by the many variations around it – the luxury edition with truffle, the many national versions with emmental cheese … Continue reading

BANKSY’S APP // 25th August 2011


What is very practical with street art is that it is in the streets and that one can come accross any famous name artwork merely by walking in the city. But the problem is that sometimes, walking isn’t enough, you can’t find any trace of art during your stroll… An iPhone App tries to remedy … Continue reading

O HOUSE // 24th August 2011


This is a Swiss house designed by Swiss architects and built on the bank of Swiss lake Vierwaldstättersee. This house looks a bit – from one side – like a Swiss cheese, an Emmental cheese. The one with repetive holes, so graphical, so iconic. Called the O House, the building was designed by architects Philippe … Continue reading

POST IT WAR // 23rd August 2011


Nobody knows or even remember when and why it all began but in Paris, France, a few salary men of different French enterprises have started a war… Their weapons of choice: Post-its. Yeah, you’ve red it right. They use the colourful and squared stickers-only-on-one-edge to draw caracters inspired by video games on their office windows. … Continue reading

JEFF KOONS MUST DIE // 22nd August 2011


Sometimes, Contemporary Art annoys people. Take Jeff Koons : people love to hate him. Artist Hunter Jonakin explores this love-hate relationship through an arcade-style video game simply called Jeff Koons Must Die!!!. The game environment is presented in a first-person perspective and it costs twenty-five cents to play the game via a joystick and two … Continue reading

SCULPTURAL SOUND // 19th August 2011


Elise Morin and Clémence Eliard, the first an art director and the second an architect, have decided to make art with one obsolete and ordinary object, the Compact Disc. Exhibited in an old funeral director, they entitled their sculpture Waste Landscape. Instead of considering the discs as out of date, the two French girls used … Continue reading

STROBE EFFECT // 18th August 2011


Japanese/American creative lab Party – Naoki Ito, Masashi Kawamura, Morihiro Harano, Qanta Shimizu, and Hiroki Nakamura – has struck again. After having created some of the most interesting music-driven videos of the last few years – Hibi no neiro, Nike Music Shoe, NTT DoCoMo Xylophone – the collective just released their last work for Bright … Continue reading