FRANZ GERTSCH // 29th July 2011


Entitled Seasons, the Franz Gertsch Retrospective organized by The Kunsthaus Zürich features almost 30 large-format paintings and woodcuts works from the period between 1983 and 2011 by the Swiss, one of the country’s leading contemporary artists, now 81 years old. Famous since the 1970s with his hyper-realist paintings, Gertsch hype doesn’t seem to fade away. … Continue reading

FOREVER GIFS // 28th july 2011


Do you remember the GIFs? Or, I should say, do you remember the first time you saw some move on the world wide web? At first, on what used to be Internet 1.0 (or less than that), the only way to have blinking images or parading texts were via GIFs. Animated GIFs. Saying that today, … Continue reading

FOOD FOR THOUGHT // 27th July 2011


The Seoul branch of advertising agency Cheil has designed for Tesco Homeplus Supermarket a virtual grocery store. The shop opened last fall in a South Korea subway station, and permits consumers to shop using their smartphones. It looks like a typical subway supermarket but instead of shelves dotted with real products, only wall-lenght billboards await … Continue reading

THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT // 26th July 2011


Like scientists that read science-fiction to design futuristic shuttles to travel the milky way, the people at National Geographic have created a flying house inspired by the Pixar movie Up! And it’s working: using 300 helium-filled balloons, a team of scientists, engineers, pilots and volunteers, succeeded in getting a small house – just like the … Continue reading

BREAKFAST INCLUDED // 25th July 2011


Let me introduce you to TUM-james and TUM-rosie. Those two robots – the first designed in the US, the second in Germany – are able not only to cook a full traditional Bavarian breakfast but also to shop the needed ingredients. A project born in germany’s technical university Munich to show the progress in the … Continue reading

PHOTOBOOTH // 22nd July 2011


In 1963, when Harper’s Bazaar commissioned Andy Warhol to do a layout for their special feature on arts, the artist started to grow an obsession for photobooths, using the public device to picture himself, relatives, friends and famous people of the era. Following the release of the layout for the magazine, a book – Andy … Continue reading

SCHEMA // 21st July 2011


In his first solo show at the Rosenthal Gallery in San Francisco, Brooklyn artist Justin Amrhein presents mad scientist machines originating directly from his imagination. Entitled Schema, the artist’s illustrations depict with an extreme precision the entrails of complicated devices made of parallel lines, angled corners, valves and snaking cables, the overall muted color palette … Continue reading

TECHNICOLOR // 20th July 2011


Studio Carnovsky – Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla – has presented in Milan during the last furniture fair RGB, a work about the exploration of the “surface’s deepness”. RGB consists in a wallpaper that mutates and interacts with different chromatic stimulus. The technique that permits the changing of the colours works by the overlapping of … Continue reading



We felt this coming. Maybe it all started with the comeback of everything nineties, from Nirvana and neo-grunge look to checkboard sneakers. And then it spred into fashion photo shoots and trends. What I’m talking about is skateboard culture. Another sign of its return to hype is the new exhibition at Gaîté Lyrique in Paris. … Continue reading

HANS OP DE BEECK // 18th July 2011


In his oeuvre, Hans Op de Beeck (born 1969 in Turnhout, Belgium) mixes a variety of media such as paintings, drawings, photographs, films, sculptures, monumental installations and he also writes stories and designs stage sets. Using those different means of expression, he creates parallel worlds in which fictions, moments and characters evolve. Playing with illusion, … Continue reading