ASH BATH // 30th June 2011


In an overcontrolled society, volcanoes seem to have their own ways, spewing clouds of ash whenever they want to and creating collateral issues for common and uncommon people alike. Planes are stuck to the ground, holiday-makers stopped on their way to the beach and business commuters hindered to shake hands with new partners. Almost one … Continue reading

SEIZE THE MOMENT // 29th June 2011


It looks a bit like a Gursky picture – every detail is focused – but it is made by another German photographer, Peter Langenhahn specialized in sports photography. In a sporting competition, it is often difficult to choose one most important moment when they are so many actions that deserve to be documented. Thus, Peter … Continue reading



During Art Basel, some ten days ago, there was one silhouette that viewers couldn’t miss : David Zink Yi sculpture, a gigantic squid, dying and drying on the floor of the Art Unlimited section. A masterpiece already shown before at the Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during the show called Horror Vacui. Zink Yi … Continue reading



Ben Wilson, a 47 British artist living and working in north London suburb of Muswell Hill, is making art with bubble gums grounded to the floor. On the discarded chews, he paints tiny and colourful pictures, bringing some joy to the grey sidewalks and to the people. A passion that Wilson has been pursuing for … Continue reading

TOP OF POP UP // 24th June 2011


This object is going to take fine dining to a new level. Called The Cube, this sepcial pop up structure commissioned by Electrolux is traveling to Belgium, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Sweden. A spectacularly designed restaurant opening – but only for a few months – at some of Europe’s most famous landmarks, serving guests mouthwatering … Continue reading

ABSENTEE LANDLORD // 23rd June 2011


“Who should room together in the world of contemporary art? Can a Russ Meyer photograph go to sleep in the same gallery as an Yves Klein blue chip masterpiece?”, thus spoke Pop culture provocateur John Waters when he conceived Absentee Landlord, his curatorial intervention in the exhibition Event Horizon at the Walker Art Center. The … Continue reading

INVADER 1000 // 22nd June 2011


A thousand spots. Street French artist Space Invader is celebrating the 1000th location he invaded with its 8-bit inspired pattern. For this occasion, Invader open 1000, an exhibition dedicated to all his urban interventions, rubikcubism and more has opened in Paris at Gallery Le Feuvre at the beginning of June. Born in 1969, Invader made … Continue reading

JOSEPH KOSUTH // 21st June 2011

Joseph Kosuth: Texts for Nothing (Waiting for -) – Samuel Beckett, in play, 2010 Ausstellungsansicht Haus Konstruktiv Photo © A. Burger In the large entrance hall at Haus Konstruktiv Zurich, Joseph Kosuth – the icon of conceptual art – has installed Texts for Nothing (Waiting for – ), a neon installation referring to the Irish … Continue reading

FOREST INHABITANTS // 20th June 2011


Are you afraid of crowded beaches and dream of a retreat far from civilization, in the heart of the nature? Well this hotel could make this wish come true. Located in Norway on a sheer river bank, amongst birch, aspen, pine and majestic boulders, the Juvet is Europe’s first landscape hotel. Guests can choose from … Continue reading

BRICK BY BRICK // 17th June 2011


Previously this week, we introduced you to Scott Weaver and his toothpick sculpture. Now, ladies and gentleman, please welcome Lene Rønsholt Wille of Lene Wille Studio and her furniture made of Lego building blocks. The Danish has spent one month and a half in the main hall of Amsterdam Trade Center building a huge circular … Continue reading