THE LIGHT WE PAINT // 29th April 2011


Trevor Williams is an artist, working with his pairs in the international group Fiz-iks based in Japan. The thing they do is photography and animated video. Plus a specialization in Light Painting Photography. Don’t know what it is? To explain it in a few words, Light Painting Photography is a technique that employs the exposure … Continue reading

WOODY WOOD SHELTER // 28th April 2011


Don’t you dare calling it a cabin! This is the biggest treehouse ever made. Located near Crossville, Tennessee, this megalomaniac shanty – aka the Minister’s Treehouse – is the work of Horace Burgess. It took the American Landscape architect more than 14 years to achieve the 97 feet high structure supported on the ground by … Continue reading

WRITTEN PORTRAITS // 27th April 2011


Anne Frank Each year in Amsterdam takes place the Dutch Book Week, an event to promote Dutch literature. For every edition of those special literate days, a theme is chosen, a specific genre on which the week will focus. For the 2011 edition, the chosen subject is biography and autobiography. A concept entitled “Geschreven Portretten”, … Continue reading

DOLL HOUSE // 26th April 2011


A child’s play. Well, maybe not any kid as the one that will be able to build these Lego houses surely has a bright future in Architecture. The Danish brand Lego has created for its thematical boxes on Architecture replicas of famous buildings. Anyone interested in iconic constructions – and at least twelve years old … Continue reading

WILLIAM WEGMAN – NEW PHOTOS // 25th April 2011


William Wegman: Ethiopia, 2005 Pigment print, Bild 65 x 91,5 cm, Papier 91,5 x 112 cm, image 26 x 36 inches, paper 36 x 44 inches courtesy Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer Düsseldorf William Wegman: Sliding Doors, 2008 Pigment print, Bild 53 x 71 cm, Papier 61 x 76 cm, image 21 x 28 inches, paper … Continue reading

BE YOUR OWN SOUVENIR //22nd April 2011


In January 2011 and during two weeks, this installation designed by blablabLab was set up on La Rambla in Barcelona and experienced by tourists and citizens of the city. A project that aimed to connect pedestrians, arts and science in a town evolving between identity and gentrification, economic sustainability and growth. A connection established by … Continue reading

THE QUEEN OF POLKA DOTS // 21st April 2011


Yayoi Kusama “Flowers That Blossom at Midnight”, 2009. © Yayoi Kusama – Courtesy Gagosian Gallery. Photo: Yayoi Kusama Studio. Though Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has been on the scene for more than sixty years now, she still doesn’t fit in any category. From her colorful, flamboyant and childish works always emanate a profundity, an intense … Continue reading

PIXEL PERFECT // 20th April 2011


After having spent years smoothing pixel-sharp outlines, it seems game developers are now overwhelmed by nostalgia. As a result of their existential spleen, they go back to the good days when characters were shaped with blocky textures and design new games that look old. And this is exactly the case with Sword & Sworcery, an … Continue reading

ONE FOOT IN THE RAVE // 19th April 2011


Once upon a time, there was a very successful brand called Mad Foot Japan. A glorious name in the sneaker world, aging slowly but surely. And then in the beginning of April 2011, the trademark suddenly hit headlines again. The world wide web was buzzing with the following announcement : Mad Foot Japan was back … Continue reading

THE MAGIC TOUCH // 18th April 2011


With all those touch screen interfaces and gesture interaction systems, turntables begin to look a little be old school. Charming, but also corny. It is high time to conceive a turntable with the look and functions of the other interactive devices on the market. And that is exactly what Greg Kaufman (aka Gerwerk) – a … Continue reading