LEARN TO FLY // 25th March 2011

Blackbird. A word that sounds like a Beatles song and like the name of a travel guitar brand. Made of carbon fiber, those instruments have a heavy look, a resistant structure but are as light as a swallow flight. Perfect to carry them out and about.

Blackbird Guitars was formed in 2005. Back then, founders and designers Joe Luttwak and Kyle Wolfe had been desperatly looking for a compact guitar worth bringing along for the ride. And the only ‘travel’ models available then were either thin-sounding or fragile. Fed up by the intense quest for the right guitar, they decided to design it themselves. They chose carbon fiber for its incredibly strong and stiff properties and decided to create a uni-body guitar shell in one piece.

By mixing F1/aerospace design technology and traditional craft, they give form to a new highly resilient guitar every year. They are actually 5 models available, including a ukulele. Each one of them is individually made by a small team of luthiers in San Francisco.


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