[Tribe by Matthew Williamson for The Rug Company] And let your feet touch ground. But not on any carpet, try this one designed either by the late Alexander McQueen, the colourful Matthew Williamson, the functionalist Tom Dixon, the impertinent Vivienne Westwood… Founded in 1997 in London, The Rug Company was created by Christopher and Suzanne … Continue reading

BALLROOM BLITZ // 30th March 2011


Designer Tom Dixon is not the kind to stay still. Well known for his lights and lamps, he also exhibits his creations around the world in different spaces and fairs. Creations that lie halfway between art and design. This doesn’t prevent him though from imagining new interiors for very special customers. One of his last … Continue reading

FINGERS OF STEEL // 29th March 2011


It seems that architects sometimes get bored at thinking big. And some of them try to adapt their ideas for very small properties: furniture, plates, mugs, forks, but also rings, necklaces and earrings… The brand SUUM has become an expert in the art of building jewels. It creates wearable architectures for fingers, neck and ears. … Continue reading

OCTOPUS’S GARDEN // 28th March 2011


There’s a place near Lugano in Switzerland where an old swimming pool is now used as a skate park. A skate park with a lot of attitude as the inside of the bowl has been fully repainted by the Nevercrew, a collective of local street artists. Called Big Pink, their work inside the ex-basin depicts … Continue reading

LEARN TO FLY // 25th March 2011


Blackbird. A word that sounds like a Beatles song and like the name of a travel guitar brand. Made of carbon fiber, those instruments have a heavy look, a resistant structure but are as light as a swallow flight. Perfect to carry them out and about. Blackbird Guitars was formed in 2005. Back then, founders … Continue reading

OUT OF RANGE // 24th March 2011


What’s interesting with things invisible is when they become visible. Timo Arnall, Jørn Knutsen and Einar Sneve Martinussen, three Norwegian interactive artists and designers worked together on Immaterials: Light painting WiFi, an attempt to visualize and trace the immaterial networks of wireless waves. In order to do so, the artists built a WiFi measuring rod, … Continue reading

SNEAKER SPEAKERS // 23rd March 2011


In order to promote a competition held by Cuban rum brand Havana Club, Intercity – a graphic design and art direction studio – has commissioned sneaker designer Alex Nash (aka Nashmoney) in order to create “a piece of work that takes the everyday and turns it into something special”. The result? Sneakers that are speakers. … Continue reading



Last June, American fashion designer Thom Browne proved he knew how to put up a show for his Paris debut. The venue he chose to present his Spring 2011 menswear collection was a retrofuturistic icon, the headquarters of France’s Communist Party, designed by Brazilian star architect Oscar Niemeyer. Surroundings that certainly reminded him of Stanley … Continue reading



Spanish artist and designer Maximo Riera has created a new throne. A throne for people ready to stand up for their choice and taste. Indeed, the Octopus Chair will let nobody indifferent: either you like its mad statuesque beauty or you hate its disturbing and viscous appearance. Part of a larger collection entitled Animal chairs, … Continue reading

LIQUIDATED VERSION // March 18th 2011


French street artist Zevs opened Liquidated Version, his solo show in New York at Gallery De Buck. The exhibition revolves around the usual hijackings of brands and corporate entity by the artist liquidated signature. Zevs began his career as an influential yet anonymous graffiti artist in Paris in the 1990s. He named himself after a … Continue reading