ME AS HE // February 28th 2011


Ambiguity, self-obsession or even robbery: all of these can define the work of Gavin Turk. Born in Guidford, England, in 1967, Turk went to the Royal College of Art and is one of the Young British Artists (YBAs). He gained instant notoriety when his degree tutors refused to give him his diploma because of his … Continue reading

AN ART EXHIBITION // February 25th 2011


Hans-Peter Feldmann (born 1941 in Hilden, Germany) approach to art-making is one of collecting, ordering and re-presenting. A figure in the conceptual art movement and a practitioner in the artist book and multiple formats, Feldmann recontextualizes our reading of everyday images. The book is the format that he uses most of the time in order … Continue reading

AMIGOS // February 24th 2011


“When attitudes become form”. The sentence pronounced in 1969 by Swiss curator Harald Szeemann couldn’t define better the practice of the collaborative duo of visual artists Elmgreen & Dragset (the Danish Michael Elmgreen born in 1961 and the Norwegian Ingar Dragset born in 1969, they work together since the mid-1990’s). By reshaping space and the … Continue reading

MORE FUN TO COMPUTE // February 23rd 2011


There’s no issue with your screen. The artefacts you see have been voluntarily made by fanatics of pixel manipulation. You can call it “geek nostalgia” or “nerd spleen”, they coined their own term: “Data Mosh” or “Datamoshing”. The idea is to achieve a new digital art effect by recreating video compression errors. It all look … Continue reading

RAPPER’S DELIGHT // February 22nd 2011


The legendary Lasonic TRC-931 Ghetto Blaster is back on track. In 2007, the so called “portative” radio swapped its cassette player for an iPod docking station. Always keeping its good old style, the I931X – the new name for the late TRC-931 – is now compatible with the iPhone. Avalaible in black, white and even … Continue reading

THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION // February 21st 2011


Visiting a Carsten Höller exhibition is a little bit like going down the rabbit hole. And the artist show Soma – that just ended at Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin – was no exception to that kind of feeling. Through a forest of giant mushrooms and refrigerators containing bottles with yellowish liquids and deadly Amanita muscaria (fly … Continue reading

LOVE SONGS // February 18th 2011


Different species, same tricks. Like Sinatra, the male mosquito buzzes in hope of attracting a mate. But not any female passing by: the One has to be able to sing in tune with the maestro. This is not only a matter of harmony but a question of reproduction as the only way for mosquitoes to … Continue reading

LATEST WORD IN FASHION // February 17th 2011


Agnès B store JC/DC store Kidult painting Colette window It all started at the beginning of the year when Kidult attracted attention by painting his name on several windows in Paris, starting with JC/DC store, then Agnès B (twice) and Colette. It looks like vandalism but smells like advertisement… Not only, did the guy succeed … Continue reading

OLD SCHOOL VHS // February 16th 2011


What an abyssal art piece! Artist David Herbert made VHS Sculpture, a black monolith made of foam, plexiglas and latex paint. On it, viewers can read the title of the movie recorded on the gigantic magnetic tape:2001: A Space Odyssey. The best tribute to Kubrick, ever.

TONE POEM // February 15th 2011


Yuri Suzuki – a Japanese designer travelling around the world with his inventions – created this machine, a unique turntable with five arms each capable of setting his own volume and controlling his own fader.