MENTAL STATES // January 31st 2011


|George Condo, The Insane Queen, 2006| “Fake old masters”. This is how George Condo called his paintings in the early 1980s. A provocative way to diverge from many other artists who – at this time – borrowed specific imagery from historical sources. Instead, Condo adopted the styles, techniques and methods of earlier painters to depict … Continue reading

HOLD ON // January 30th 2011


Powel Crosley. To many, this name won’t remind anyone in particular. But to those interested in broadcasting and radio History, the man is surely remembered as a genius. After a few attempts at building inexpensive cars, the American inventor, industrialist and entrepreneur decided to put all his creativity into automobile gadgets. Remember the famous flag … Continue reading

MATT WISNIEWSKI // 11th January 2012


A lot of artists believe in Tumblr – the image-based blogging platform – as the future of art. And we have to say that each time you flip through those virtual sketchbooks disposed by so many creative minds we have to admit that this may be so… Matt Wisniewski – a smart developer based in … Continue reading