THE PLAY OF BRILLIANTS // 27th April 2015


“Light In Water” by DGT. Photo by Fubiz. In this International Year of Light supported by UNESCO, the new Éléphant Paname Gallery’s exhibition (Paris, France) explores one of the key concepts of lighting design, “The Play of Brilliants” imagined by Richard Kelly, the pioneering architectural lighting specialist. This exhibition at the Parisian center of art … Continue reading

BREAKING THE WALL // 10th November 2014


On November 9th, at night, the Berlin Wall fell down leading the way to the Reunification of Germany. During its nearly 30 years of existence, the Wall was untouchable. The wall is of course a strong historical symbol but also became an artistic monument thanks to the hundreds of artists who came after the fall … Continue reading

BODY AND MIND // 3rd November 2014

Tape Paris 2

It took twelve people ten days to transform the great entrance hall of Paris’ Palais de Tokyo into 50 meters long maze of accessible translucent passageways reaching a total height of 6 meters. Showing until January 2015, the group exhibition “Inside” allows you to walk through this tape installation as a metaphor for an inside … Continue reading

SELF REFLECTION // 25th August 2014


Armenian born artist Tigran Tsitoghdzyan was discovered at an early age, he started painting at 5 years old with oil painting and went on to do his first exhibition in his hometown at 10 which later traveled to the United States and European countries. Currently based in New York, the artist draws his inspiration from … Continue reading

DREAM CARS // 30th June 2014


“Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas” is an exhibition at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, presenting 17 of the most rare and visionary automobiles. Curated in partnership with Ken Gross, veteran automotive writer and historian, the exhibition uses the automobile as a lens to explore the ideas behind design and innovation and features some of … Continue reading

TURNING TABLES // 24th February 2014


Evan Holm succeeded in submerging a record player record player and still get nearly perfect audio. In his performance named “submerged turntables” the artist pays tribute to human culture that he predicts to be dissolving back into the ground. He wants his sculpture to be optimistic with the sound and the melody passing through the … Continue reading

ON THE MOON // 9th December 2013


Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and Danish artist Olafur Eliasson present an online and interactive drawing project entitled “Moon”, a digital public platform where everyone can be creative, write, draw, check out other people’s drawings and share them with the world! Moon is celebrating the freedom of expression. To your own direction, a set of black … Continue reading

BLOWING-UP // 7th October 2013

Nuclear Bomb

Obsessed with coding, Tel-Aviv artist Eyal Gever developed simulations showing the impact of explosions on a screen. Drawing on his years as a software developer and his military experience, Gever’s 3D simulations capture the terror and breathtaking moments of a disaster event in video and sculpture, using a 3D printer. In his pieces known simply … Continue reading

WALKING ON EMPTY HEADS // 30th September 2013

Nino Sarabutra

Bangkok-based artist Nino Sarabutra filled the floor of Ardel Gallery in Bangkok with 100,000 miniature porcelain skulls and invites visitors to step on them, during her exhibition called “What will you leave behind?”. As her friends, family, and neighbors to helped make the skulls, she asked them to contemplate their life and think about what … Continue reading

THE QUEEN OF POLKA DOTS // 21st April 2011


Yayoi Kusama “Flowers That Blossom at Midnight”, 2009. © Yayoi Kusama – Courtesy Gagosian Gallery. Photo: Yayoi Kusama Studio. Though Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has been on the scene for more than sixty years now, she still doesn’t fit in any category. From her colorful, flamboyant and childish works always emanate a profundity, an intense … Continue reading


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