GRAVITY // 17th March 2014


In order to celebrate the success of the movie Gravity, the NASA has released incredible pictures of space and astronauts’ daily life at 418 km away from Earth.

FULL MOON // 10th February 2014

Full Moon bottom

Hungarian photograher László Francsics was able to capture this incredible shot of the Full Moon that her named “colors of the Full Moon”. Fascinated by astronomy, the artist pays tributes to space and its numerous constellations, such as the Gamma Cassiopeiae, located in the northern hemisphere.

FUNKY LIBRARY // 18th November 2013

Funky Library

Reading doesn’t get better than this. Newly built Monterrey’s library in Fundidora Park was created as a vibrant playground. The Council for the Culture and Arts of Nuevo León commissioned a branding agency Anagrama to realize the project. The result is a multi-purpose, asymmetrical reading platform meant to simulate Monterrey’s mountainous topography. The bookshelves are … Continue reading

TAPESTRY // 29th April 2013


Sun K. Wak was born in Korea. She now lives in New York and spends her time creating site-specific words made out of black masking tape. And when I write “spends her time” I mean it! It’s very common for the Artist to enfold the tape for up to 280 hours to achieve her Master … Continue reading

THE NEW BLACK // 11th March 201


This is the ultimate proof this chick ain’t real! The Diva Dita Von Teese is for sure the only woman on the planet body ready for this one of a kind fully articulated 3D-printed dress designed by designer Michael Schmidt and architect Francis Bitonti in collaboration with 3D print specialists. The futuristic black gown was … Continue reading

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL // 18th October 2012


In Julian Germain‘s new ‘Classroom Portraits series’, the British photographer has captured the essence of classes around the world. The artist started his series in 2004 in North-East England and then extend his concept to schools in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Germain’s work is nothing like your typical and traditional class photo. … Continue reading

ROCKS THAT ROCK // 11th October 2012


The Ennedi plateau in Ennedi desert is located in the north-east of Chad, one of the most inaccessible area of the Sahara. Travelling there is difficult and dangerous due to the country’s poverty, lack of tourist facilities, political unrest, and highway banditry. But it’s so worth the trip: the region is full of interesting sandstone … Continue reading

GLASSBLOW // 15th February 2012


The first time Shayna Leib saw glassblowing, she was only seven years oldand it was at a local university. The experience changed her life forever. A few years later, while completing her Bachelor of Art degree in Philosophy at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Shayna – who also studied literature, glass, and … Continue reading



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