SOUND WAVE // 23th March 2015


Each new wave of technology washes away what came before… that’s the concept of the Korean artist Jean Shin explores with her sculpture “Sound Wave”. Measuring 5.2 feet high by 12 feet wide by 12 feet deep, Shin, who is know for her usage of common items to construct her installations, has melted 78 rpm … Continue reading

BEST OF // 29th December 2014

best of 2014

To end 2014 on a high note, here are the most read articles of the passed year: METEORITE TURNING TABLES AUTARKY MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU Thank you for your loyal readership! To be continued in 2015…

GEMS // 23rd June 2014


Danny Sanchez, a Los Angeles based artist, has spent the last 8 years learning how to photograph gemological interiors. His photomicrographs, photographs taken through a microscope, are the result of a very long learning and technical process, as it took almost ten years for him to be able to produce images at the level of … Continue reading

NOSE ART // 10th June 2014


Os Gêmeos are Brazil most appraised street artists. The internationally renowned twin brothers were asked to paint their country’s national team’s Boeing 737 during the 2014 FIFA World Cup which will take place in Brazil from June 12. The graffiti are portraits meant to represent the people of the Brazilian culture and took about a … Continue reading

WHITEPOD // 26th May 2014

Whitepod_night 1

When Eco-friendly meets luxury. Located in the Swiss Alps and overlooking lake Geneva, at more than 1400m high, you can find a high-tech Eco-Camp for snow excitement and summer fun composed of Whitepods. Pioneering concept featuring architecturally fascinating high-tech tents, the “ 15 geodesic dome pods are separately sitting on wooden platforms and surrounded by … Continue reading

ANIMATED // 28th April 2014


Spanish industrial designer and art director Emilio Gomariz is no stranger to GIF. His latest work, RGB Landscapes is a series of 52 animated pieces made with a symphony of RGB dashes animated horizontally.

GRAVITY // 17th March 2014


In order to celebrate the success of the movie Gravity, the NASA has released incredible pictures of space and astronauts’ daily life at 418 km away from Earth.

FULL MOON // 10th February 2014

Full Moon bottom

Hungarian photograher László Francsics was able to capture this incredible shot of the Full Moon that her named “colors of the Full Moon”. Fascinated by astronomy, the artist pays tributes to space and its numerous constellations, such as the Gamma Cassiopeiae, located in the northern hemisphere.

FUNKY LIBRARY // 18th November 2013

Funky Library

Reading doesn’t get better than this. Newly built Monterrey’s library in Fundidora Park was created as a vibrant playground. The Council for the Culture and Arts of Nuevo León commissioned a branding agency Anagrama to realize the project. The result is a multi-purpose, asymmetrical reading platform meant to simulate Monterrey’s mountainous topography. The bookshelves are … Continue reading

TAPESTRY // 29th April 2013


Sun K. Wak was born in Korea. She now lives in New York and spends her time creating site-specific words made out of black masking tape. And when I write “spends her time” I mean it! It’s very common for the Artist to enfold the tape for up to 280 hours to achieve her Master … Continue reading


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