REAL-LIFE PIXELS // 14th October 2013

Real-life Pixels

Aled Lewis, a London based designer and illustrator, takes his inspiration from comics, film and television. As a life-long gamer, he was always imagined what it would be to completely immersed in a pixel environment as if it was real. He thus created a photography series that integrates classic video game characters, from Mario Kart … Continue reading

REMAININGS // 23rd September 2013

watch parts sculptures

New-Jersey based artist Sue Beatrice started “All Natural Arts” as a celebration of nature in the form of jewelry and other whimsical items. The designs are created with the environment in mind. Recycled, upcycled and repurposed objects are combined with natural elements into unique, Earth-friendly items. Also a sculptor, she assembled mostly animals with elements … Continue reading

THE HIGH-LIFE // 9th September 2013


In the trendy Brooklyn ‘DUMBO’ neighborhood (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) in New York, an iconic clock tower was transformed into a stunning triplex penthouse. The apartment is part of an old industrial building that was originally built by cardboard manufacturers, and the tower transformation project was developed by David Walentas – the man … Continue reading

ON BOARD // 2nd September 2013


Back to the future has never been so present. Since watching the sequel, moviegoers only dreamed about owning a real-life Hoverboard, the flying skateboard. After the Delorean car, the Hoverboard is the second cult gadget of the movies and some unconditional fans have tried for ever to create a real version of the famous board. … Continue reading

SHINNING SEA // 26th August 2013


The movie by Japanese artist Niiyama, specialized in creating independent movies using computer graphics, depicts saltation and growth of life in the sea using jewelry as the motif for illustrating the theme “Jewels of Sea”. It creates mystifying and attractive scenery by the ores resembling creatures of sea and its transforming refraction and reflection of … Continue reading

CHIRPING // 12th August 2013

Twitter clock

London-based design studio BERG has been commissioned by social networking company Twitter to create a Twitter clock named #FLOCK. Shaped as birdhouses, this clockhouse stores birds inside which are programmed to poke their heads out to announce direct messages, retweets and new followers. Each bird activity is accompanied by a snippet of birdsong. Unfortunately #FLOCK … Continue reading

iDO // 5th August 2013


Soon controlling your TV will be as simple as proposing… you will simply need a ring! Apple is buzzing with its highly anticipated television set to launch later this year, which will be operated with a digital iRing meant to be worn on the finger. The stylish remote would most likely be gesture-based, involving swiping … Continue reading

HARLEM SNAKE // 15th July 2013

Valentin_Carron_Biennale Venice_2013

2013 the year of the snake in the Chinese calendar inspired many artists. At Venice Art biennale 2013, Swiss artist Valentin Carron installed an 80-metre wrought-iron snake distributed from the floor to the ceiling not only invites visitors to stroll through, but also guides them out, acting as a guide. The two-headed beast becomes a … Continue reading

BRUSHED-UP // 1st July 2013

Blue Steel Gold Light

After reading about astronaut helmets that had a lamina of pure gold as a heat shield, Daniel Brush tried to recreate the same ultra-thin transparent sheet. The artist, known for his technical mastery, buys, melts and granulates his own gold steel. The starting point of his work was when he realized that, when pure gold … Continue reading

CLONE WARS // 24th June 2013


Rä di Martino is an Italian photographer based in New York. A few years ago, he discovered the ruins of the sets of Star Wars and The English Patient near Chott el Djerid in Tunisi on Google Maps and immediately decided to go there to see it with his own eyes. So, he travelled to … Continue reading


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